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Obama Could Revisit Arming Syria Rebels as Assad Holds Firm

Published on 19 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.

With conditions continuing to deteriorate, officials could reopen the debate over providing weapons to select members of the resistance in an effort to break the impasse in Syria. The question is whether a wary Mr. Obama, surrounded by a new national security team, would come to a different conclusion.

“This is not a closed decision,” a senior administration official said. “As the situation evolves, as our confidence increases, we might revisit it.”

Mr. Obama’s decision not to provide arms when the proposal was broached before the November election, officials said, was driven by his reluctance to get drawn into a proxy war and by his fear that the weapons would end up in unreliable hands, where they could be used against civilians or Israeli and American interests.

Question: what if these weapons move from the hands of "select members of the resistance" (translation: pro-US continuing to meddle in Syria's affairs mercs) into the hands of those who have no sympathy for either Al-Assad, the US, or Israel?!?!?
In the immortal phrase of Mythbuster's Adam Savage, There's your problem!
My sense is, however, that after Obama visits Tel Aviv next month, the wheels will be set in motion for some kind of false flag (perhaps chemical) to be blamed against Syria as the "excuse" for Israel to invade, and we will be off and running.
The big question, however, that those in the bowels of power in DC and Tel Aviv should be asking themselves is, should this be put into play, what will Russia do?!?
(What really happened)