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The daughter 'Hamas' similar to the mother, 'Muslim brotherhood'

Published on 22 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
For as long as Hamas has been denying to interfere in the Syrian bloody conflict, contrary to their denial, Many Gaza-based fighters went to Syria to fight alongside Syria's Fascistoislamists.
My stable viewpoint: Hamas is one of the opportunistic Islamic parties in the Arab World and approved to be utilitarian party. 
The Syrian regime was totalitarian and repressive simultaneously when Hamas was a strong ally with the regime. 
The truth is the Qatari dynasty promised Hamas's political leadership to maintain funding for reversing its position against the Syrian regime and being far way from Iran.
Hamas's Military Arsenal is originated from Tehran.
Osama Ahmad Qeshtah, one of Hamas members, from Gaza was killed in syria while he was fighting beside Syria's Fascistoislamists.