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The Israel-Arab regimes siege on Palestine

Published on 10 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
The Palestinian people are great.
I will mention one practical evidence for that.
Despite the Alliance between Israel and Peri-Palestine Arab regimes (except the Syrian regime), The Palestinian people still resist either by word or by 'Flesh and bones'.
"Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth reported Friday that the Egyptian army has intensified its activities in Sinai, over the past few weeks, and thwarted five attempts to smuggle weapons to the Gaza Strip.
The paper said that large quantities of weapons have been seized by the Egyptian army as part of extensive military activities that led to foiling five attempts to smuggle weapons to the coastal region.

Earlier in January, the Egyptian Security Services announced that it managed to uncover a weapons storage facility loaded with advances missiles, including antitank and antiaircraft missiles, that weapon dealers intended to smuggle into the Gaza Strip via border tunnels. The facility was located in Bir el-Lahfan area, south of Al-Arish.

In December of last year, the Egyptian security forces located a missile storage facility in the same area, and confiscated 17 French missiles that were ready to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip via the tunnels."