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The Tragic Scene

Published on 01 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
The Scene after the Israeli Airstrike against Syria:

Firstly, The Syrian regime continues on its stereotyped positions by raising the banner of resistance and 'retains the right to respond' on the Israeli assault with no actual response!

Secondly, The loyal Arab regimes stigmatize the Syrian regime of passing the Israeli assaults, while they are simultaneously dealing with Israel and the US against not only the Syrian regime, but also against the Arab people including the Palestinian people under the Israeli Occupation.

Thirdly, The Arab league (i.e, The Assembly of Arab regimes) committed to silence toward the Israeli assaults against Syria. The assault occurred on the Syrian land.

Fourthly,  Syria's pro-NATO Fascistoislamists  are dealing with the foreign intelligence forces (including the Israeli Mossad) to overthrow the Syrian regime.

Fifthly, The Syrian People are Suffering between the Hammer and Anvil (i.e, The regime and the Militias).