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Friends of the Syrian opposition

Published on 01 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
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The British and American governments:
Invaded Iraq and killed millions of Iraqis due to the invasion.
Both governments support the Israeli Occupation in Palestine.

The Turkish Government:
Oppresses Kurds citizens in Turkey, and leads a neo-Ottoman policy toward the Arab World, in addition to the military cooperation with Israel.

The Qatari dynasty:
Intervene in the Arab affairs by leading the counter-revolutionary forces.
Lack of Any democratic practices and oppress the Qatari opposition.
Holds an excellent relation with Israel.

The Saudi dynasty:
Autocratic and Theocratic regime.
Competes the Qatari dynasty by supporting the religious Salafi groups.

The Egyptian government:
The current MB government is annexed to the Qatari dynasty.