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How Anthony Lewis Influenced the Justices He Covered

Published on 27 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.

"But by December 1956 Lewis had focused on a particular area of the law, and moved beyond study to advocacy.   He would write a scholarly article for the law-student-edited Harvard Law Review with the innocuous title, “Legislative Apportionment and the Federal Courts.”  But the purpose of Lewis’s piece was hardly journalistic.  Instead, it was nicely summed up by the first sentence of the abstract that introduced it: “The author urges Supreme Court action as the only effective means to correct the growing evil of inequitably apportioned legislative districts.” 
Let me hasten to add here that while current journalistic ethics would prohibit involvement of a beat reporter in such an effort, the journalistic ethics of 1958 did not.  Relatively little that Lewis did in these matters was done in secret; his editors were as comfortable then as today’s editors would be uncomfortable with the position into which Lewis placed himself."