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NATO Strategy in Syria

Published on 08 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Short Analysis:
The French and British governments have 'tough stance' regarding to arm the Syrian rebels with extra advanced weapons, this position was clear when they pushed the EU States to lift weapon ban on Syria in order to flow weapons to pro-NATO Fascistoislamists via Turkey.

The US administration is more careful and hesitated than the French, British and Turkish surge, because the US vision to preserve the military and bureaucratic establishment in Syria to avoid the Scenario in Iraq, and also the US has to guarantee not to arm al-Qaeda elements in Syria which would cause trouble in 'transitional' period and also they would elicit instability in Iraq, Lebanon and Golan heights.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey exerted pressure on the US administration.
I believe the US role is crucial on the Syrian Crisis, nevertheless, Obama's doctrine depends on the 'soft power' by drones and concentrates on the internal issues such as the US economy, Medical Service and migration.

Recently, US Strategy is to achieve partial field's victory through the Syrian rebels which would push the Syrian regime to offer more compromises, meanwhile, preserving Syria's military establishment to avoid chaos and instability.

Two days ago, Arab league decided to offer additional legitimacy for the Syrian Coalition for opposition by occupying Syria's chair.

Another important sign appeared during Arab league meeting to encourage arming the Syrian opposition against the regime.

The Arab league has never had autonomic motives and so the Gulf dynasties wanted to officially 'legitimize' Arming the Syrian rebels, Even though they have never stopped arming the rebels through Turkey and Northern Lebanon.