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Pragmatism and Synonyms.

Published on 03 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Realpolitik (German-origin) is political term related to political method which considers the materialistic factors on the ground rather than ideological and principal considerations. Radicalism is usually used to describe the opposite term.
There are many Synonyms such as Pragmatism, Realism, but I personally prefer to use more accurate terms such as Opportunism, Utilism and Machiavellism.

Most of the Western governments such as (the US, UK, France, Canada and Australia) depend on the pragmatic foreign policies, for instance, The US armed Almujahideen against the USSR, although they were Anti-Western governments, nevertheless they shared the same aim which is to defeat the 'Atheist' Communist power at that time. Now a days, History repeats itself in Syria.

The international Islamic Party, Muslim Brotherhood which have local branches under various names in most Arab and Muslim countries (such as Islamic Work Front in Jordan and Al-Islah in Yemen ) is also utilitarian and opportunistic party.

Pragmatism and its synonyms explain ignoring the Palestinian cause among the 'Pragmatic parties' which formed the core theory of their ideology. in other word, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the Capital of the promised Muslim Caliphate according to all Muslims converting all doctrines, furthermore, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and Hizbuttahrir have built their political ideology upon prophet Mohammad quote (PBUH) by which Jerusalem will be the last Capital of the promised Muslim Caliphate before the appearance (descending) of Jesus (Essa) --PBUH-- in the Grand Omayyad Mosque of Damascus.

So, They do not dare to announce their 'theoretical' ideology in front of the western powers, furthermore, Muslim brotherhood is a strong ally for the US in the region.