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Dr. Azmi Bishara on 'the Syrian revolution'

Published on 02 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
Dr. Azmi Bishara says in a context of 'The Ethical Quandary of the Syrian revolution' :"R: “All of us could see and hear, over the past two decades, the obsessive sectarianism which has gripped Syria. We only pretended not to see.”

I think he is spinning the truth because the doctrine of the totalitarian Syrian regime is secular.
We can notice that the Syrian president is an Alawite-born and married to Sunni-born lady, despite she lived in London with her Homs-origin family.

From other hand, Dr. Azmi Bishara was one of strongest Supporters for the Syrian regime simultaneously within the same 'past two decades' which he stated.

I think Dr. Azmi Bishara gained popularity through the Arab world which is controversial, extending between the fans and critics, Nevertheless, he lost his popular base in Palestine.

I think that we should differentiate between the right of the Syrian people to overthrow the current totalitarian and oppressive regime, and Fascisto-islamists who lack of any civilized concept which might build the new Syria.