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Egyptian Army forced doctors to operate without anesthesia

Published on 12 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
"Senior Egyptian army doctors were ordered to operate without anaesthetic on wounded protesters at a military hospital in Cairo during protests against military rule, according to an investigation commissioned by president Mohamed Morsi. The report into military and police malpractice since 2011 also alleges that doctors, soldiers and medics assaulted protesters inside the hospital."


Medical terminology comment:
The British Academia are restrict regarding to medical terms, however, some terms include 'unnecessary' letters comparing the American Academia, Thus I prefer the American  Medical writings.

Anesthesia (US) = Anaesthesia (UK)
Esophagus (US) = Oesophagus (UK)

English Language:  Examples,
Characterize (US) = Characterise (UK).

Well, I'm not sure about Negotiation and Negociation but I usually write it like the 'first' word.

I have to admit: When I usually write either in Arabic or English, I commit some tenses' errors.