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I will keep struggle in the shadow

Published on 15 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
One day they were looking for a 'fit' and suitable physician to run to occupy the Manager of Charitable Medical Center, later on, A friend of me told me that they suggested my name for that (Honestly, I would refuse because I want to keep myself clean from corruption and whatsoever..), and somebody told them: No, No, he is not Fateh member and he is leftist. then they chose another physician.

When friend of me told me the story, then I smiled and told him didn't he/she said that I might be collaborator or spy.. he wondered and did not expect my cold reaction.

This is short story of my daily life.. I feel that I struggle against complements, Nepotism and favoritism.

My effort as a physician to try being up-to-date, trying to be always honest and to succeed in the Clinic and maintain a suitable income. That would be my achievement.

(True Story)