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Is the Syrian regime sectarian?

Published on 05 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
Amid the wave of inconsistent news and disinformation which either originating from the hired Syrian Anti-Assad 'activists' or fabricated by Anti-Assad corporate media, many facts were distorted to fit NATO-GCC propaganda.
However, The opposing pro-Assad media have also woven stories based on the conspiracy theory which indeed does not justify the Syrian regime's atrocities.

The Syrian regime is totalitarian and secular regime, in form of Junta which includes relatives, traders (or upper class) and high military ranks who, together, contribute to draw the country's policy and forbid political participation for the widest social class.

NATO-GCC orchestrated propaganda as well as their think-tanks imbue the public with the idea of Sectarianism of the Syrian regime in order to facilitate their aspirations in the region, whereas the truth stands against their theses.
By studying the raw data about the elements of the Syrian regime, one can reach the result that the proportion of the Syrian officials are reflecting Syria's demographic proportion, thus Sunni officials are the majority within the regime's composition whereas Shias, Duruz, for example, have the least officials.

Successive Syria's prime ministers are Sunnis, at least during the last decade (I personally counted that).
Unlike NATO-GCC misleading News, the proportion of high military ranks are Sunnis, furthermore, Mustafa Tlas --former Sunni defense minister-- spent the longest period as defense minister since Hafez al-Assad reached the power in Syria, and this indeed, is the reason (Abuse of office profit) for Tlas family's wealth.
The current Syrian defense minister, Fahd Al-Jassem, as well as the prime minister and vice-president are belonged to the Sunni majority in Syria.

There is no doubt that the Syian regime depends on the tribal structure like other Arab regimes.
Rami Makhlouf and Assef Shawkat are Al-Assad relatives acquired high economic and security positions, respectively. Thus, Alawite members have reached high positions in favor of Kinship.

I believe that the Syrian regime is totalitarian secular regime and it is stained with sectarianism by its enemies to facilitate the mission of new schemes.