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Orchestrated Propaganda and Predictions

Published on 27 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
by Local Editor
Washington Post links between the Rwanda's Genocide and the Syrian Crisis.
Moreover, After she linked between the two different situations, Anne-Marie, Professor at Princeton urges Obama to take serious action against the Syrian regime.

Just to remind my readers, Rwanda's Genocide in 1994 and later on was between internal Warlords in form of Militias to enter villages and slaughter innocent civilians, whereas, the Syrian Conflict is running between  external powers supporting local proxies for geopolitical influence despite the start was in form of popular demonstrations against tyrant regime.

It is not Secret that Russia alongside with Iran support the regime and The NATO-GCC alliance supports the rebels, thus the linkage between Rwanda's genocide and the Syrian crisis is misleading, especially when that is being written  by Professor who suppose to have enough knowledge.

The old-new Imperialistic doctrine
The US administration usually 'personalize' the enemy by reducing the supposed 'enemy' into a person. This was being used with Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro as examples.
They also twist facts to fit their goals, for example, the new American tone of Chemical weapons is just a beginning to finish the mission of getting rid of Syrian regime.

I believe the Syrian case is quiet different in comparison with Iraq and Afghanistan due to the surrounding political atmosphere and allies.
The former Iraqi regime had dispute with all surrounding countries including Syria, Iran and GCC monarchies, whereas the current Syrian regime has neighboring allies like the current Iraqi regime, Iran and Hezbollah.
Moreover, The US administration is unlikely to repeat the War Scenario of Iraq and also the Israeli-Syarian borders which would be a 'hotspot' during direct military war.

The Syrian Army is stronger than the military opposition and gained experience of Guerilla War during the past two years.
Moreover, The regime has stable and ideological allies and the western powers will try -as much as possible  to avoid the energy resources in the middle east from massive War.

If the Syrian military opposition will receive advanced weapons, the Somali model in form of Warlords (might be in form of sectarian and ethnic classification) will occur, otherwise the Syrian regime will finally regain control on most of the Syrian lands.