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Syria's Annusra Front to officially join al-Qaeda

Published on 10 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Annusra Front has officially joined al-Qaeda. The Front is among the strongest military opposition in Syria.
I think this announcement will push the British and French governments to support 'moderate' military opposition in Syria. Unlike some analysts expect, NATO-GCC Alliance will continue to support the Syrian military opposition because they will not allow the Russian-Iranian-Syrian axis to win --literally- the battle of Syria, All that is on the macro level, however, Syria's events are mosaic and varying from pro-Assad Supporters and the Syrian Army as well as internal unarmed opposition (Coordination Committees) leaded by Haitham Manna'a, and also al-Qaeda fighters in addition to what-so-called Free Syrian Army as scattered military groups.

Syria is the loser number one and the Warlords will sit together -as local proxies of the external powers- to negotiate sooner or later.