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Western governments and Eastern 'dictators'

Published on 15 April 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
Nicolae Ceausescu as example
The Western bloc classified former Romania's Ceausescu regime as totalitarian, and surely he was a dictator who was influenced by the North Korean and Chinese doctrine of personality cult.

Although Ceausescu's regime was totalitarian and oppressive --intensified during early 1980s due to heavy western debt (about $13 billion), which required Austerity-- the former Romanian regime was one of the best Western allies in the Communist bloc.

Romania's Ceausescu was the first communist country, side-by-side with former Yugoslavia to leave Warsaw Alliance, moreover Ceausescu publically protested the Soviet Union and draw his own foreign policy far away from the Soviet Union. 

Elena Ceausescu, his wife, was arranged to be "elected" to membership of a Science Academy in the USA.
France granted Ceaușescu the Legion of Honour.
UK  gave him the Honorary British Knight.