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Hezbollah is under their misleading campaign

Published on 29 May 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Most of Arab media are attacking Hezbollah morally because the party fights alongside the Syrian Army.
The only idea they are showing is that Hezbollah supports dictator (Bashar al-Assad) against 'his people'. Their second idea is to stigmatize Hezbollah because the compass has been changed from fighting Israel to fight in Syria, according to their claim.
Even Al-Quds Al-Arabi, criticized the party and ignored a balanced coverage regarding the QATARI role in Syria.

Pro-NATO Arab media ignored Islamic Jihadists who came from all around the world to fight against the Syrian regime carrying fascistic ideology. Moreover, Regardless to religious/sectarian belonging, people of Bahrain has launched peaceful demonstrations since Feb., 2011, however, they were completely ignored only because they are shi'a majority. What a hate speech when tiny nation is being accused for being 'Iranian Agents' as in Bahrain case.

The core idea of pro-NATO media is: You will be murderer, if you will stand against our masters' project. We will invite human rights NGOs against you and blind your eyes toward 'our' international Jihadists, and more importantly, nod your head when you hear the American-Israeli orders.