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Egypt's Update

Published on 04 July 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Egyptian defense minister, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi announced that Mohammad Morsi is no longer the president, and asked head of Egypt's constitutional court to temporarily occupy the position till the next presidential elections.
 Positive revolutionary signs are toppling post-Mubarak president who continued the same internal and external policies. Moreover, current popular demonstrations are much more wider than ever, according to images analysis. (1 meter for a protester). There is no doubt that Morsi did not touch people's ambitions for a real change in Egypt.

However, Egypt is now actually ruled by a military council, a dependent establishment on the US pentagon by both financial aids and military installations, so the US administration side-by-side with Israel will supervise and contain, in form or another, the council's policies and the newly appointed president is one of Mubarak's regime figures.

Anti-Morsi demonstrations were larger than ever during the last few days, however, a relatively smaller demonstrations like Al-Adaweyyah were supporting Morsi by Islamist's popular mass. Egyptian Army had only two choices; either to observe 'hyper-polarized' contradicted popular demonstrations or to interfere political scene. Egyptian Army has strong ties with Pentagon and the US offers more than a $ billion annually, thus  US administration will guaranty a 'hidden hands' of intervention in the Egyptian situation, nevertheless, popular demonstrations will remain all the time as the 'revolution's parameter', for example, Qatari intervention was, undoubtedly, one of important anger stimulants against Morsi's foreign policies and neoliberal economic plans. 

Detaining leaders of Muslim Brotherhood is one of oppressing acts by military council because they have the right to express their objections and opinions.

Egypt's Uprising will determine the region's future in all circumstances, however, Both internal and external powers will try all the time to manipulate. I believe  that people's activity in form of Tahrir-style will determine the track and the fate of Egypt's uprising, despite foreign and local interference.