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What if Egypt's hyper-polarization persists?

Published on 08 July 2013, by M. Tomazy.
About 45 pro-Morsi protesters were killed today morning amid clashes between them and army. Both sides (Army and pro-MBs) launched contradicted stories about the bloody act. Clasheswere happened in front of Republic guard's headquarter, a branch of Egyptian Army.

Muslim Brotherhood accused the army of attacking protesters early in the morning during Al-Fajr praying time, whilst the Army denied that story and announced that they faced  'terrorist attack' by using guns and killed Mohammad Al-messeiry, an officer, according to the Army.

Both sides supported their narrations with videos. I watched journalistic conferences by both the Army and angry pro-MBs. There were same mentioned narrations, however, the Army spokesman said some hints about Syrian crisis. He also used some English terms such as : asymmetrical war, psychological warfare and war of information, regarding to counter-media which try to deform the army's picture in front of Egyptians, according to him, moreover, he launched some flashes which apparently express the Egyptian's Army position toward the Syrian crisis, for example, he said that yet, Egypt does not face organized 'terrorist groups' as in Syria.

Muslim Brotherhood try to escalate the situation by gathering a millionized  rallies against the Army hoping to repeat Venezuelan scenario in 2002, when Venezuelans returned back president Hugo Chavez to residency after a US-backed military coup, nevertheless, current events, apparently, far from Venezuela's scenario because Morsi is not Chavez, as the later supported low social class and had multiple communication skills to contact with people, in addition, to his military background, unlike Egypt's Morsi does.

Civil War is not close to occur in Egypt now a days, however, there are hyper-polarized rallies which might be transformed into bloody clashes. Furthermore, The Egyptian Army is unlike Syrian Army which is targeted goal for GCC-NATO alliance due to supporting Hezbollah and Syrian-Iranian 'formal' and strategic alliance, thus the GCC-NATO alliance will not provide external military and political aid to destroy Egyptian Army as they do in Syria.

Black Scenario might occur if the Egyptian Army forbid Muslim Brotherhood as well as Salafis (Wahhabis) from political participation and/or organization (in form of parties), they might use secret armed groups against regime and they will disbelieve in democratic regime which banned them, the same intermittent scenario occurred in 1960s-1970s.