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France 24 : Another Propaganda Machine

Published on 04 July 2014, by M. Tomazy.
The English edition of France 24 website claims exposing an Iranian fighter jet used by Iraqi forces against ISIS.
(Source: France 24 )
The official French propaganda machine has called the event : "Image analysis shows Iraq's new jets are from Iran". 
As neutral observers, one must be open-minded to understand the whole picture as it really is. However, the Argument is not whether the Iranian government involved in the conflict of Iraq. In fact, the Islamic republic is officially supporting both regimes of Iraq and Syria.
The US administration announced support for Iraqi government against ISIS and sent about 150 'military experts' to Iraq. Apparently, the American and Iranian interests are met again in Iraq, so they support US-designed Iraqi regime since it maintains Iranian and American interests in the region.

The question is : What is the difference between the US-made F-16 fighter jets and Soviet-made IRANIAN Sukhoi?. Ironically, the West and Iran are supporting the same Iraqi government against al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS. The US administration supplies Israel with F-16 and F-18 fighter jets, while the later use them against Gaza strip. Again, what is the difference between Russian-made IRANIAN fighter jets and US-made ones, except from technical point of view?

Stereotyping the foe
Not only dominance requires hypothetical enemy, but also inventing continuous threats to justify interventions. In the Middle East, governments are classified into two groups; moderates (i.e, pro-Western allies) and extremists (or part of evil axis). They are competing for dominance in. For the Western bloc, maintaining oil flow and security of Israel are the priority.

Sukhoi and F-16 are forming one fleet in Iraq!
Since 1979, Iranian regime has named successive US governments as "Great Satan", While George W. Bush declared Iranian regime as one of "axis of evil" led by N. Korea. Finally, they are flying together in Iraqi sky to fight common aggressive enemy. This is an example of 'selling' ideology to people. The people who only pay taxes and victims.