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Gaza, The Miracle

Published on 19 July 2014, by M. Tomazy.
The small Palestinian strip lays on the eastern coast of Mediterranean sea tells us a real miracle. In the most densely populated region in the world, the people still resist the last substitutive colonialism in the world. Besieged people reject tyranny alone. Some people, surely, think this is romantic literature, but this is, indeed real and true.
An eight-years-old siege failed to tolerate Palestinians in Gaza. Nearer and farther governments failed them, on the contrary, the Egyptian Arab government assists Israeli Zionist regime to block ground terminals and they, together, apply collective punishment under the pretext of fighting Hamas.

We don't need to read about miracles as long as we know Gaza, the Miracle. A 1.8 million people left alone to face the sixth strongest army in the world, and they not only defending themselves, but they also defending their whole nation.

In Gaza, the miracle, water sources are contaminated and electricity runs for four hours daily at best. Although they suffer from ground, air and sea blockade, they still resist and fight for Palestinian rights.

Gaza, the miracle will not be defeated and history will tell next generations about it.