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The Israeli Axis

Published on 05 August 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Let’s begin with the first “strategic” observation. According to this analysis, Israel, with its massacres in Gaza, built a new axis. This new axis consists of the United States-Israel-PLO-Egypt-Saudi-Arabia-UAE-Jordan. No, this is not a typo. This combination is really being presented as “new”. They have just discovered the axis that has been known to anyone who had the slightest interest in the region for at least the last 30 years. If they had included Assad, Maliki or Iran, even Hezbollah, we could have at least said they were adding a new dimension. The only thing new about the Israel axis is a Syria in which Hamas cannot survive, a cruel Tehran that supports it implicitly, and the destructive role the Baghdad administration played for the last four years.
Source: Middle East Eye