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How To Blog?. And How To Be Successful Blogger?

Published on 21 October 2014, by M. Tomazy.
There is no specific formula for creativity. However, there are many tips and techniques that being acquired by experience and curious 'learning', but first of all, I believe that the process is accumulative and not just like easy.

1. Be Patient:
Patience is, by far, the second most important factor. Every e-author or editor or blogger wants to deliver his/her 'message' to audience. Nevertheless, Google has changed its searching 'algorithm' this year (2014), so new bloggers must be patient to guarantee "on-ground feet" within millions of websites.

2. Original Content:
Don't steal contents. Search engines are smarter than ever. Every day, I catch stolen ideas but I don't care as I know readers are too smart to "catch" thieves. However, Quotations, citing and references apply credibility to your content, so don't be hesitated to refer and backlink to the source or more info. sites. Original content is, by far, the most important factor.

3. Respect Your Concept:
If the option between your concept and popularity (high ranking), I will recommend you (and I) to choose your concept, because simply your site/blog would be deformed from the content point of view.

4. Contact Blog Mates And Admiring Web Masters.
Don't be hesitated to contact other bloggers and/or writers. This will add experience, on one hand. And assist you to deliver your contents, on the other hand.

5. Link Your Blog To Social Media:
An important step, albeit I hate facebook.

6. Good Luck.