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On Ebola Virus

Published on 11 October 2014, by M. Tomazy.

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I totally disagree with conspiracy theorists regarding Ebola virus. The virus is well-knowm among medical community for decades, as a highly contagious virus presented in West Africa.
However, any infectious disease might be transformed from 'endemic disease' into 'epidemic disease' or 'pandemic disease'.

Ebola virus as an example:
Ebola virus has been known for decades, but it was mainly settled in West African countries like Sierra Leon, Gabon, Liberia and Ivory cost ( I think the later country's name has been officially changed into French name). In this situation the disease is "endemic", i.e, restricted in certain region. But, when an outbreak of disease affects a disproportionately higher number of individuals than normal at a given time, we term this an "epidemic". Finally, if the disease spread throughout many continents in certain time interval, it will be ''pandemic disease'', for example: in 1918 'the Spanish flu,' spread all over the world and killed upwards of 100 million people.
Ebola virus under microscopy