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Saudi Arabia: Kingdom Of Beheading

Published on 18 October 2014, by M. Tomazy.
“Saudi Arabia Beheaded 59 People So Far This Year — But Hardly Anyone is Talking About It” 

Last month saw Saudi Arabia behead at least 8 people — twice the number of Western hostages who have so far featured in IS's barbaric execution videos. In August those executed by Riyadh were sentenced to death for crimes such as apostasy, adultery and "sorcery." In one case, four members of the same family were executed for "receiving large quantities of hashish," a sentence imposed, according to Amnesty International, on the basis of "forced confessions extracted through torture."
Beheading in Saudi Arabia (Archive)
The human rights group has reported a "disturbing surge" in executions in the kingdom. Said Boumedouha, deputy director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Program, said that many are executed for petty crimes, highlighting the frequent and seemingly casual imposition of such sentences.

Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr is waiting execution:

Away from daylight, away from his family and away from justice. Ayatollah Nimr awaits in captivity for the day he will be executed for no crime whatsoever. His sister says he has been denied medical care. This happens under the eyes of the international community.
Wounded Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr
We are shocked very much observing the silence and lack of action from the international community regarding the situation in Saudi Arabia. These people who are from regions like Qatif in Saudi Arabia are barred from their inalienable right to religious and political dissent. There are thousands of political prisoners in the Saudi dungeons who expect people like yourself to react and stand up for the one thing which all of us share, the unbreakable bond of humanity.

To this religious and political discrimination came a man who wanted to help, represent and give a voice to his people. Ayatollah Nimr Al-Nimr was shot and arrested and is currently in prison and being denied medical care since last year. Prosecutors are now pushing for the execution of this man on these political and religious grounds.

Will you as a human of values allow this to happen? We have a firm belief humanity has not died yet and know you will do the right thing. Your conscience calls you, act by signing and sharing before its too late. Our message to Saudi Arabia, release Ayatollah Nimr immediately !

بعيداً عن ضوء النهار، وبعيداً عن عائلته، وبعيداً عن العدالة، ينتظر آية الله الشيخ النمر في المعتقل اليوم الذي يطبق عليه حد الحرابة – الإعدام صلباً – بدون جريمة حقيقية. تقول شقيقته أنه تم منعه من الرعاية الطبية وهذا يحدث على مرأى من المجتمع الدولي.

نقف مذهولين أمام مشاهدة هذا الصمت المريب واللامبالاة من قبل المجتمع الدولي حيال هذه الحالة في السعودية. حيث يحظر على الناس من القطيف في السعودية حق الاختلاف الديني والسياسي

يوجد آلاف من السجناء السياسيين في السجون السعودية الذين يتوقعون دعم وتحرك الأناس أمثالكم للدفاع عما يربطنا جميعاً "الإنسانية". ولهذا التمييز الديني والسياسي تصدى رجل، أراد أن يساعد وأن يعطي لشعبه صوتا. هو الشيخ النمر.. الشيخ النمر أصيب بطلق ناري واعتقل وهو منذ ذلك الحين هو سجين جريح ومحروم مع العناية الصحية اللازمة

الإدعاء العام الآن يحاول بإصرار أن يمرر حكم الإعدام على رجل بهذه الأسس السياسية والدينية. وأنت كإنسان يحمل هذه القيم الإنسانية هل ستمسمح لذلك بالحدوث؟

لدينا اعتقاد راسخ بأن الإنسانية لم تمت بعد وأنك ستقوم بالفعل الصحيح. تحرك الآن وقع هذه العريضة وانشرها قبل فوات الأوان. رسالتنا للسعودية أن أطلقوا آية الله الشيخ النمر فوراً من غير قيد أو شرط

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Editor's comment:
I ask: what did this Saudi prince (now he is dead) suppose to face, according to Saudi 'beheading' law?
"The ex-wife of Prince Andrew and mother of royalty, she was kissing Saudi Crown Prince Nayef (an old fart over the age of 80) on the lips for money to pay off her debts. Off with his head? No, of course not, he was crown prince next in line to the throne."

Any way, it was the most expensive kiss in history.