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Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

Published on 06 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Unless the Israeli cabinet agree, the Egyptian government will not be allowed to settle Egyptian troops in Zone C of Sinai peninsula (shown in the bellow figure).
Egypt's Sinai zones
‘‘Israel allowed two infantry battalions of the Egyptian army as well as military helicopters to enter the Sinai Peninsula on Thursday, according to Israeli Army Radio news site "Gali Tzahal."

The Egyptian request came following a recent attack on the Egyptian army in the area that killed 30 soldiers, which the Egyptian government has blamed on an militant insurgency active across the region.

Since a 1979 treaty that recognized the state of Israel in exchange for the pull-out of Israeli troops from the previously-occupied Sinai Peninsula, Egypt has required Israeli permission to station its troops in the area. It only began doing so after the 2011 Revolution.’’