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How To Choose Your Posts

Published on 30 November 2014, by M. Tomazy.
I assume that this post is directed to bloggers or anyone who is interested in e-writing.
First of all, I don't like to be in a position of wiser or "expert", but I would like to share my experience and ideas with interested readers.
A worthy question rises here: For whom should I write? for interested readers? or for uncle google? or for myself?
Undoubtedly, it is pretty hard to write for them all (readers, uncle google and yourself). If you want to write for yourself, unfortunately, your blog or website will be like an empty library which is full of useful information, but lacks of readers. Taking in consideration that personal and new blogs have already low number of visitors.
However, when you want popularity, all you have to do is:
1. To choose the "peak time", in other words, when most of targeted internet users are likely online.
2. To choose topics that attract youths, since most of internet users are below 35 years old.
3. To choose current events and hot news or arguments.

Any way, uncle google may neglect your topic, so don't expect so many redirects to your topics, because huge corporations and experts are crowded at the door of uncle google.

I've decided to write for myself, more specifically, what I feel I want to say (i.e, be what you are). Meanwhile, I use some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques like tagging and headlines optimization..etc..