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Ziad Abu Ein

Published on 11 December 2014, by M. Tomazy.
P.A.'s Abbas declared 3 days of mourning after the Israeli occupation forces killed Ziad Abu Ein, a Palestinian official and former prisoner in Israeli jails.
Abu Ein was handed a life sentence in Israel in 1982 after being extradited from the US in 1981 over the killing of two Zionists in Tiberias in 1979. Abu Ein planted the explosives which killed Boaz Lahav and David Lankri.
Ziad Abu Ein died immedietly after an Israeli border policeman shoved and grabbed him by the throat
Abbas slams 'barbaric' Israeli assault on slain official and he said:"All options on table", after he threatened to suspend 'security coordination' with Israelis.
Undoubtedly, the Israeli occupation forces are responsible for killing Abu Ein during a peaceful demonstration. With respection and deep condolences to his family and the Palestinian people, he is just one of thousands of martyrs in Palestine. What about thousands of people who were killed in the successive wars on Gaza, other than ordinary people who were assassinated near Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem!. Moreover, Mr. Abbas is still hesitated to end what he calls "Security Coordination" with the Israelis. In fact, the actual name is shameful "collaboration with foreign forces".