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Israel To Build A New Barrier

Published on 16 March 2015, by M. Tomazy.
By Sydney Barakat

Israel to build a new barrier in ​only ​border­-free zone in the region

Israel continues to build ­ versus break ­ barriers. The Israeli government’s most recent ambitions, which seek to build yet another wall, show how little Israel is concerned with desegregating itself from other countries in the area.

According to and PressTV, the Israeli government’s latest plan is to build a brand new fence along the Jordan border in order to protect an Airport that will be constructed in the area.
The suggestion has already been approved by Israeli officials and members of the government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had voiced his pre­acceptance of the notion to build a fence along the Jordan border back in 2012.

However, with the recent outbreak of protests in Israel held to demonstrate widespread disapproval of Netanyahu’s politics, ( and considering his recent failure­-of­-a-­speech made to the US Congress) and with the Israeli elections approaching, it is unforeseeable which further plans or actions will be taken as far as building the new barrier goes.

This will be the year that many nations will learn that borders are not the answer to substantiating peace and solidarity within the international and global communities as a whole.