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NATO-GCC approach in Syria

Published on 14 June 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I. Aim: On-field rebalance between Syrian government and the rebels.

II. Methods:
The US manages to leave forces, F-16 fighter jets and Patriot platform in Jordan after finishing 'Eager Lion 2013" drill.
According to Reuters, Western powers are planning to apply No-Fly zone Southern Syria, near borders with Jordan. 
So NATO-GCC plan is clear now :
1. Supply the rebels with more weapons, mainly anti-aircraft and anti-tank.
2. Apply no-fly zone southern Syria through the Jordanian borders.
3. Logistic facilities have been already maintained to the rebels via Turkey and Jordan. NATO-GCC alliance has already supplied the rebels with snipers, night binoculars, anti-bullet vests as well as military uniforms.

I believe Jordan's role is vital for NATO-GCC alliance, even more important than Turkish role, while the later is important as well. Meanwhile, Syrian-Iraqi as well as Syrian-Lebanese 'gates' are less important.