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Ebola and ISIS

Published on 19 October 2014, by M. Tomazy.
Ebola and ISIS are the stars of news sites and blogs.

Every other year, a new viral strain annoy people. Chronologically, SARS, Birds(Avian) Flu, Swine Flu, then another 'advanced' strain of SARS appeared in the middle east (seriously, some theorists referred it to camels) and finally Ebola rises.
I agree with editor of Moon of Alabama when he said: “40-70% of the Ebola infected people are likely to die from it. (That is not as deadly as life, mind you, as life has a total fatality rate of 100%.)”

Say whatever you want about ISIS, but let me ask some questions:
Why didn't we hear about ISIS before launching the Syrian crisis?
Where was ISIS selling its oil products? and who was "buying" their benzene or diesel or whatsoever? and who suppose to monitor illegal international trade?
Where did ISIS ideology come from? don't say Iran or Hamas or Hezbollah or Israel. Is it the Saudi theocratic monarchy? Who knows.
Are they serious about the "coalition against ISIS"? I can't make that up, yet. Unless it is all about invasion of other country (i.e, Syria).