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Sorry To Bother You Folks: It's About My First Love

Published on 30 December 2014, by M. Tomazy.
I wish that I will write the story of my first love. It was so romantic and adventurous, but it was tragedian too.
My sense is that she google my name and read this site from time to time. Frankly, I want to say that:
You caused too much pain to me.
I was so angry.
I wish I never met you, because my love was real, true, big and pure. Meanwhile, I wish nobody would hurt you as you did.
Stop talking about destiny and god's will. Because you didn't sacrifice for me. But I did, really.
Life is too short to live, and I'm really happy.
In a word, and honestly, YOU WERE SELFISH. Dubai is not my HEAVEN. And being Palestinian makes me proud.
Finally, As my feeling was true, I won't forget our fantastic moments. I hope you do so.