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The battle of Syria

Published on 29 October 2012, by M. Tomazy.

The Situation in Syria is quiet complicated  for all sides engaging the Syrian civil war.
To understand What is going in Syria we have to know each internal and external "player"  in the Syrian conflict.
I prefer to Classify them into two opposed axises, one which support the regime and the other who support the militant rebels.
As we know: Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah Support the regime, While US, EU, Arab monarchies, Turkey and Israel Support the militant rebels.

Each Country  has its own interests in Syria and that explains the "bloodshed Statico" in Syria.

For Russia:
Russia Support the Syrian regime to Prevent the Gas pipeline by-which the royal family of Qatar looks forward to export the Liquefied Gas to the EU via Syria and Turkey leading to reducing the Russian effect on some Eastern-European States like Ukraine and Romania and even Germany since they mostly depend on the Liquefied Gas of Russia.
Another reason for the Russia of Putin is that the American "absolute" Control on the vital regions in the World and China Shares Russia this view.

For Iran:
The Syrian regime is the only true Alliance for Iran throughout the 30 years after the Islamic revolution in Iran in addition, Syria is the Cornerstone - other than Iraq and Hezbollah -  for the Iranian foreign policies in the M.E. 
In the Middle East, The only two States still resist the Zionists Ambitions and Support the Anti-Israeli Organizations in Lebanon and Palestine.

For China:
China has offered the VETO in the Security Council Supporting the Syrian regime but there is no reliable data till now assuming any Military aid. So, China has a lesser extent in Syria than Russia, Meanwhile, China shares Russia the Geo-strategic Concept that the USA Controls the Energy sources  in the World and also the US supports Taiwan and Japan in which --in form or another-- threatening the Chinese interests.

For Hezbollah:
Syria is the middle piece of the "Resistance Troika"  against the Zionists ambition in the region. And the Syrian regime not only Support Hezbollah politically and facilitates Hezbollah's weapons from Iran, but also supply the Lebanese resistance party with Locally-modified Rockets.

 Also the other Axis which support the Militant rebels has aims to be achieved in Syria.

For the U.S.:
The United States looks by the Israeli eyes to the local events here in the M.E. The Syrian regime has Supported Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, PFLP and PFLP-GC by which they fight Israel all the time, So any weakness in Syria will serve Israel.
The U.S. Plan is to allow the Militant rebels to fight the Syrian Army till the last "Soldier" to disintegrate Syria as one Homeland for one nation. Leading to Multiple ethnic and Sectarian Sinuses in the name of Con-federal State.
The Alawites would have made their Ghetto in the Syrian Coast and the Sunni Majority  would have made their own Sinus in the Middle of Syria  from Aleppo in the north through Damascus to Dara'a in the south.
Furthermore, The Syrian Kurds would establish their Kurdistan of Syria in order to join their other wing in Iraq.
For Durzi minority the Golan heights would be part of Israel forever joining the Palestinian Durzi minority in Northern Israel, but also there would be no problem to make the Syrian copy of "Camp david Agreement" between Israel and the New leaders of Syria (Peace for terratories).

For the EU:
EU resembling the "Tail" of the American foreign policies in the M.E. in addition it would be better for EU to replace the Russian liquefied gas by the Qatari Gas.

For Turkey:
In fact, the Turkish role is totally originated from Justice & Development ruling party which is influenced by Muslim brotherhood, and its not out of text when Erdogan expressed his fear what he called "Another Hamah massacre" which is a bloody conflict occurred during 1980s between Hafez Al-Assad and Militant group related to Muslim brotherhood of Syria.
Furthermore, The Turkish ambition to control northern of Syria specifically Aleppo district and the Northern borders of Latakia district as we also know Turkey occupies "Brigade Iskenderun" which is inhibited by Christian and Alawites minorities.

For the Arab Monarchies:
The Arab monarchies have a wide-spectrum weak effects but the Stable thing is the absolute loyalty for the U.S.
The Striking mini-State which is Qatar is seeking for a Geo-strategic role  but not for the Arab People. In fact, For the Emir of Qatar and his Cousin Hamad bin Jassem the minister of forein affairs in Qatar.

The Saudi Royal family Strongly considers "The Collapse of Bashar Al-Asad is failing for Iran"
that explains Saudi Supports for the extremists Militant salafists.
Other Arab monarchies Such as Jordan and Morocco Sell the Gulf monarchies "Policy" i.e, receiving money for Political positions.