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Published on 30 October 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Historically, The Palestinian Organizations have different ideological and political orientations but all of them were united together on Liberation of Palestine.
During a Century period of time, Palestine still under occupation by external invaders (The former Great Britain then Israel later on) and we still struggle --ascending and descending-- to live fairly like any people in peace and dignity.
Hamas won the second Parliamentary elections in 2005  included West bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalemite Palestinians but the American administration (led by George W. Bush) did not admit the results. The pretext was Hamas is terrorist organization threatening the presence of Israel.
Not only the U.S did not admit the elections results, but also Planned to defeat Hamas by Supporting Mohammad Dahlan -- a well known corrupted personnel and one of  Fatah's ex-leaders-- in coordination with Mubarak in Egypt and Jordan. The Plan was to train Dahlan's militia in Egypt and Jordan then to be moved to Gaza Strip from the Egyptian side and beating Hamas. --The New Yorker Published the Plan later on--.
Furthermore, The West applied financial blockade on the Palestinian government -- which included all parties except Palestinian Islamic Jihad and PFLP-GC --.
Fatah was so dependent on Yasser Arafat who owned unique Charisma. According to Published Israeli data concerning Yasser Arafat, From one hand He shaked Israeli officials' hands and led the Military wing of Fatah  (Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades) side-by-side with Marwan Barghouti to fight Israel.
Fatah movement  lost the Parliamentary elections, the Leader (Yasser Arafat) and Straied in what-so-called misleadingly The road map of peace process.
Returning to The clash between Fatah and Hamas in 2007, Hamas Controlled Gaza Strip and then Comprehensive international siege applied over 1500,000 Palestinian citizens just to TAME Hamas.
Israel the most prominent force has used all possible ways to destroy Fatah and Hamas together and Succeeded to achieve the golden aim by increasing settlements and settlers in the West bank and Jerusalem in addition to freeze any kind of Resistance in Palestine.
Israel jailed MPs belong to all Parliamentary blocs, applied  comprehensive siege and Murdered 1500 Palestinians in Gaza war (2008/2009) and the Whole world still playing "the Audience" role. 

For now, There is neither what-so-called misleadingly "Peace process", nor resistance and according to my knowledge this is just a momentum event in the Palestinian series.
I've been learned in Chemistry that Atoms always ready for "Stability" so reactions occur forming "bonds" in-between  and for Palestinians, it is impossible to stay in Non-peace Non-war circumstance.
The Israeli citizens going to the "right" toward extreme Zionists parties like Schas, Lieberman and Lekud, they believe --in their collective mentality-- those parties guaranty Security.
I believe the Palestinian people will surprise the world in uprising sooner or later if
 the situation will stay in Non-peace Non-war statico.