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The Israeli message via Sudan

Published on 31 October 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Israeli Air forces bombed Sudanese military location in south of the capital (Al-Khartoum) last Wednesday.
Sudan accused of Supplying the Palestinian resistance organizations with weapons and according to the Zionist website (Walla) --which is known to be close to Israeli intelligence--  When Mossad agents assassinated Hamas military leader (Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh) in Dubai they found secret military documents prove that Sudan arms Hamas and the same source claimed that Israel  planned to bomb Sudan two years ago.
Its not the first time for Israel to bomb an Arab state. Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor (Tammouz) in 1980s, The suspected Syrian nulear location in Dair-Azzor and also in Tunisia to assassinate Fatah leader (Khalil Alwazeer). The question is not why Israel destroyed the Sudanese military facility but WHY does Israel choose this TIMING? 
The Answer can be found in the atmosphere around Israel.
Israel cannot lead Military campaign against the number-one enemy which is Iran in this case, at the same time, Israel very concerned to send a message containing the ability to carry out an attack against enemies.
Iran and Hezbollah are strong enough to restrain Israel and they prepared themselves well for all scenarios and thus Israel sent the message via  weaker enemies such as Hamas in Gaza and Sudan as long as no serious military reply would be achieved against Israel. Some Israeli websites like "Walla" mentioned that Israel has planned the attack against Sudan since two years ago and I think that is completely right to hunt the suitable moment since Israel has "vocally" threatened Iran by destroying the Nuclear locations, but Israeli Cabinet knows very well that they cannot decide a such attack without the assistance of the U.S. 
Iran understood the Israeli message very well and so sent the Iranian Navy to Sudan --according to Wall Streel Journal -- to reassure the Sudanese leadership that Iran stands with them.
Another Zionist website (DEBKAfile) --which is also known to be closed to Israeli intelligence-- Claimed that the destroyed Sudanese military facility (Al-Yarmouk) Contained Iranian-modified rockets (Shehab Models) but Sudan denied that.
The same website mentioned that Hamas launched two Grad rockets toward Dimona nuclear reactor replying on the Israeli assault and the sure News the Palestinian resistance launched two grad rockets near Dimona for the first time.
Israel and the U.S. have huge massive destruction weapons that are able to destroy Iran, Lebanon and Gaza in a matter of days but the question is "What would be the day after tomorrow in that case?" The U.S. could not make any real change in Afghanistan, On the contrary, Drug agriculture and trading have been increased during U.S. invasion and NATO loses soldiers for Zero achievement because the local Afghani society reject foreign presence. Furthermore, Iran has the ability to attack the American fleet in the Gulf and Arab sea other than launching thousands of rockets toward Israel, and also Iran has faithful loyals in Lebanon and Iraq.
Israel is weak. In fact, weaker than ever before, but Israeli leaders are not ready to accept this idea and so they insist to remind the Arab people and  trying to convince them by insidious, illegal and un-ethical assaults on the weaker sides like Sudan and Hamas but no longer for Hezbollah nor Iran. i.e, I dont expect military viz-a-viz between Israel and Iran or Israel and Hezbollah --at least in the foreseeable future--.
I strongly believe that the New Israeli-American Strategy toward Iran will be more and more international sanctions to destroy Iran economically and waiting to evoke internal Uprising against the Iranian regime.