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Electing the new puppet

Published on 11 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.

The Syrian National Council (SNC) has been held in Doha to elect new members and chairman.
The "integration" of the SNC and the results of the last elections.

Twenty three members out of fourty one members are belonged to Muslim brotherhood (Syrian branch).
The place of Election is Doha, Qatar and according to Al-Akhbar Newspaper, about 8 $ billions were spent on the Syrian exiled opposition (mainly from the rich Arabian rulers in the Gulf), So does the World expect from the retarded regimes of Arab monarchies to liberate the Syrian people?? I  remember when they "liberated" the communist Afghanistan in during 1980s.
The Muslim brotherhood needs an accepted puppet to deal with the western countries in order to show the SNC as a democratic, civil and secular opposition, so they chose George Sabra — Syrian Christian opponent—. This "repeated" method has been used before by appointing previous puppets the Syrian Kurdish Abdulbaset Sieda and the Secular professor Burhan Ghalioun who formed his own militia in Homs, before the new elected pupet George Sabra  .
So far, The new puppet for the Muslim brotherhood will pass their Strategy in the form of orient, Secular and Christian-born leader in front of the Western countries.
The crisis in Syria is not only due to Dictatorial regime, but also due to "Mercenaries" —literally— in different types. For example, there are Intellectual mercenaries in form of justifying of war crimes in the name of revolution against tyranny, and also Militant mercenaries in form of killing people and receiving Salaries from the oligarchic tribes in the Gulf and so on..