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Gaza Underattack (*)

Published on 11 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.

Gaza is under attack again. From several areas explosions are reported, apparrently indiscriminate attacks on urban civilian populated areas. Local radio reported 4 killed. Over 30-40 are wounded. The ministery of health reported that about 10 of them are in a very critical condition. All wounded and martyred are civilians.

During attacks, the exact number is sometimes hard to determine and even might contradicting for Israel does not allow ambulances or targets those as well to go retrieve body (parts) or wounded.

Israel reports 4 soldiers are wounded as a result of resistance defending Gaza and inciting to it’s citizens to remain in reach of 15 seconds distance to a shelter. I may remind you in Gaza there is no place to hide or flee.

In the context of the attack it is important to highlight some very important facts, statistics and data which are structurally distorted or silenced by Israel.

Confirmed names of Martyrs

Name of shaheed: Ahmed al Derdsawi, 18 years old Name of shaheed: Mohammed Abu Hrara, 16 years old Name of shaheed: Osami Harrara (Brother of Mohammed) Name of shaheed: Ahmed Khaled Abu Kas (reported but not confirmed by media) Name of shaheed: Matar Abu Al-Atta Name of shaheed : Moustafa Hararah, relative of Mohammed and Osami also shuhada in this Israeli attack. The family now lost 3 members. Name of shaheed: Mohammed Shkokani, resistance fighter of Islamic Jihad.