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“The commodes revolutions” in the Arab World

Published on 09 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Arab Uprisings were different in their courses, but the Arab people have almost  the same reasons to create Change.
The Situations in Syria and Libya characterized by the transformation of the peaceful demonstrations into “Bloody Conflict” . This deserves to trigger an objective questions about this Phenomenon in these two Arab countries.

Illustration: The Naval Track for the Libyan ships loaded with weapons from Libya to the Syrian rebels via Turkey

Generally Speaking, The previous Libyan regime and Ba'ath regime in Syria are much totalitarian, bossy and tyrannical regimes, and the "much expression
here means more Political prisoners, more assassinations and much more
 repression than Mubarak or Ben Ali regimes in Egypt and Tunisia respectively.
Nevertheless, Tyranny and Totality are not enough to explain the two current 
Scenarios in Syria and Libya.
In my opinion, There are more objective and gross factors led to “Bloody Conflict” in these Countries, The first one is “The demographic and Social factor.
In Libya, The Uprising was launched in Benghazi, eastern Libya, While Sert and Bani-Waleed were  the last towns were "Captured", This is a Strong indicator that one of the important factors affected what-so-called "Revolution" in Libya is the Tribal Structure in form of "Tribal dispute" between the Eastern and Western Tribes in Libya.
In Syria, The Uprising — that transformed into bloody conflict —  has been launched from Dara'a, the Southernmost City in Syria, then to the "Peripheral" cities of Syria, while the two major cities (Damascus and Aleppo) were "quiet" cities, and so this formed a crucial factor for the course of the events in Syria.

The Second important factor is the “Foreign intervention. the Western countries were surprised and did not expect the fluent collapse of Mubarak and Ben Ali regimes, but they were alert in the next demonstrations in Libya and Syria. 
For Libya, Alain Juppe, the former French foreign minister,  was frank when he Stated that the "French interest" requires the Military intervention to change Gaddafi regime in Libya, Furthermore, Many reliable Journals pointed that the French Petroleum Company "Total" has acquired 30% of Libyan oil after what-so-called "The Libyan revolution".
For Syria, External intervention is more nested and miscreant, by which the Western-Turkish-Israeli  and the Arabian rulers in the Gulf aspirations were met together on Dropping the Syrian regime by any means, All that due to the Alliance between the Syrian regime and Iran, also,  incubating the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. Howerver, Iran and Russia have also supported the Syrian regime by many means.

The Third factor is  “The Army”. The "Eastern" Brigades of the Libyan army cleaved and formed the opponents Militia. But the situation in Syria was different, The Bulk of the Syrian army remained coherent.