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Unusual post from Phil

Published on 08 November 2012, by M. Tomazy.
Eventhough  this blog is completely concerned in Politics, Palestine always breaks the rules. It is not because I am Palestinian, but because all pure people can not resist “The justice of the Palestinian cause , and surely, Inspires us in different means.
Phil Edwards send me the below post from his Blog and I decided to re-post it here. Special thanks to Phil.

Songs of Sociocide and…

Across skies ago, wails of the finish: of together and life and custom and speak and thought and reason and living and dying stopped immediately…Reverses gone. Motion and the familiarity of home-stop and vision of little candles burning in the window or home lights at the end of the world—extinguished and gone. The sailors without sail and the soldiers without war and the need to succeed in twinkling flashes disappeared across this sky above earth-spin. They were gone and we ended.
Someone said they arrived and Sociocide began the end of civilization. We became world-colony and use and stop and start and stagger and another Earth diminished before the new illumination and enlightenment. They stripped bare–ground quicker than we had consumed our way across the planet. These off-worlders devoured our own too many and our own slaughter of mother-world and the failing of protection became insignificant.
These fools and folly of off-world stopped our only way to continue. They failed to see their vision fade into star-stream and moon-dust. They removed our Love…
He looked up and said…”Scan the sky-sweet baby. Must leave… They will kill you. Somehow! Go to them. And you will not die.”
She too looked and saw his face, “Without you, I am dead…Without us we end. Without you and me— no Baby and without—we are…”
Is this a love story? Sociocide is now! Sociocide is yesterday! Sociocide is murder! Sociocide is  Crime against Humanity…Ask the Natives of America or the Palestinians or…It does require time, however, today we free-fall toward acceleration and the annihilation of Everyday.
And! Beautiful you are…
Thank you again, Phil.