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Life-threatening hunger strike for freedom

Published on 17 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
"The general condition of Ayman al-Sharawneh  is catastrophic ", the Lawyer Fadi E'bayyat -who visited the Israeli prison's hospital- said.

Ayman al-Sharawneh is running on a hunger strike since July, 1st 2012  and complains of weight loss, blurring of vision, severe back ache and lower limb cramps (might be due to hypocalcemia (low calcium levels in blood)).

Samer al-Esawy and Ayman al-Sharawneh
Samer al-Esawy, another Palestinian prisoner is also running a hunger strike since August, 1st  2012 and complains of bradycardia (low heart beats) to 36 beats per minute and he was immediately referred to Assaf Harofeh medical center due to Syncopal attacks.

It is worth mentioning that the two Palestinian prisoners were recaptured by Israeli forces after the Prisoners' exchange deal between Hamas and Israel in December 2011.