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Orchestrated Propaganda against Syria

Published on 17 December 2012, by M. Tomazy.
By Mohammad Tomazy, the weblog editor
The Palestinian refugees in Syria are suffering exactly as much as the local citizens  in regard to the current civil war in Syria.
Bombing the Palestinian refugee camp by Syrian regime's warplanes was the top headline in the Arabian pro-US administration news media, such as: Al-Jazeera Arabic and Al-arabyia which are owned by Qatari and Saudi tribal regimes, alongside with BBC and France 24 Arabic channels.

These 'Propaganda machines' have only one goal which is to accuse the Syrian regime of the whole war crimes which are being committed in Syria, regardless to the truth nor any basic Journalistic criteria. 
The actual situation in Syria is not an abstract  question, in which people are seeking to overthrow the dictatorship, and not only those Propaganda machines realize this, but also work on this hardly to achieve one single aim regardless to the innocent victims.  

Except for our knowledge of the Syrian situation and logically, what does push the regime to bombard neighborhoods including al-Yarmouk camp? is it only for entertainment? or does the regime face the peaceful demonstrations by Warplanes?

The truth is there are scattered local military thugs and mercenaries in Syria and they work for foreign governments and for an autocratic regimes insisting to finish the mission of dropping down the Syrian regime regardless to the victims nor the suffering of the Syrian people.
In fact, the pro-US administration media are mouthpieces of tyrants who are not less criminal, tyrant  and repressive than the Syrian regime.

Few days ago, the mercenaries have committed a massacre in an "Alawite" village named Aqrab in Hama district, and both Aljazeera and Al-arabiya -two mouthpieces of Qatari and Saudi royal families- accused the Syrian regime for that, later on, when the horror of the massacre could not be twisted another time, they accused the Syrian regime again of inability to protect the local citizens.

So basically, on one hand, the US-EU-Turkey alliance alongside with the Qatari royal family send foreigners and arming them. On the other they blame the Syrian regime of using the Russian-made warplanes against them.

In regard to al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, it is true that the Syrian regime had bombarded it, meanwhile, the what-so-called Free Syrian Army has been trying to 'Free' the camp for days before the air strike, and when the Syrian army side-by-side with the local 'Palestinian popular committee' failed to stop the thugs, then the regime resorted to use warplanes.

Unfortunately, the tribal royal families and their local proxies have succeeded to divide the Arab citizens due to  Utilizing their funded huge media, recalling historic sectarian disputes and arming the rebels.