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Eyad, the Spring and I

Published on 10 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I still remember when I was Student at the Medical School, One of my colleagues named Eyad Eyoun, from Syria and specifically, he is from one of the most Anti-Assad towns named Duma in the Countryside of Damascus.
Eyad and I were launching a sarcastic comments on al-Ba'ath Party of Syria in a period when Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani --who exclusively sponsors what-so-called "Arab Spring"-- was a close ally to the Syrian president Bashar al-Asad.
Eyad and I were criticizing everything about the Syrian regime, starting from the obligatory military-like school uniform in syria, reaching al-Ba'ath Slogans such as "Ommah Arabiyyah Waheda, Thatu Resalah Khalidah" which means " One Arab Nation has Immortal message".

The Main Stream Media (MSM) on both the national and international levels are owned by businessmen --you can also call them elites, traders, investors.. whatsoever-- and surely the president or the MP will need them sooner or later during his/her electoral campaign.
From other hand, How can one convince the opponents about what-so-called revolution as long as its "elites" are being embraced by an ignorant dictator?!
Fortunately, The Western MSM has never described an Arab Uprising as "Revolution", not because they are accurate by description, but because they don't see the Arabs are mature and civilized enough to launch their own copy of the revolution.
Unlike the MSM, I call the "Arab Spring" -- as best description-- to be Uprising.

Both local and International media have exposed the Syrian regime, but how many media corporation exposed the Saudi or Qatari regimes? May be they will talk in the next "Arabian Gulf Spring" when the pro-Qaeda militias occupy the fronts against al-Saud and al-Thani royal families!

When part of the Arab people occupied the streets and chanted against their local dictators, they simultaneously wished the Qatari and Saudi regimes to be the next overthrown regimes.

The Arab Islamic parties have reached the power in what-so-called "Arab Spring" through democratic mechanisms because they raised the banner of Justice through Islam and Arabs are generally religious, and also the Arabs have never been ruled by theocratic parties since the Ottoman empire and they wanted to try the "new" parties.
The Shock was terrified when the Arabs saw the Islamic parties are generally Utilitarian and Pragmatic, for instance: The theoretical enemy of the Islamic parties has become friend according to Morsi's letter to Shimon Peres, and dealing with the Zionist entity is not illegal according to the new constitution of Tunisia.
The Arab people also realized the paradoxical economic plans, for example Money-lending (Al-Riba) is forbidden according to Islam, but the New Islamic government of Egypt has asked "Money-lendingly loan" from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).