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Published on 27 January 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I always write without draft and I always write when I feel I have the desire to write.
I was thinking today (Actually the ideas were acting like consequent flashes by date); The Start was in 1936 When a Palestinian popular uprising was launched against the Zionist expansion in Palestine and it ended with the Arab regimes to negotiate with the British empire at that time.

The Second flash was in 1987, when the Palestinians launched the first Intifada (the Stones' Uprising) and ended by Madrid conference and Oslo Agreement between Israel and PLO.

The Third flash was in September 2000, when The Second Intifada (Al-Aqsa Uprising) was launched and ended by Retirement of the PA officers (who stood against the raids of the occupied 1967 Palestinian terratories) under planning and observation of the US.

No such New conclusion, The Palestinian leaders (with no exception) are losers.

The last Martyr belongs to the family was my cousin (Yasser Tomazy) who was killed during the Gaza War in 2009. My Aunt (his mother) told me she dreams about him every night.

Exciting the emotions is not my point, but my point is asking serious (existance) questions on Justice, Fate and Struggle.

I personally believe that Palestine will be free in one day. The Question is when do the Palestinian leaders Stairway (as a verb here) to their people's daily sacrifice?

All I can do is to say what I really believe in. that's all.