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Published on 04 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
I would like to Clarify two points for my readers:
First, I have received many Antisemitic comments and they were reported as spam.
I distinguish very well between the religion, thoughts and beliefs, from one hand and surely I am against colonialism, imperialism and interfering in the others affairs.

For instance, I have a very well knowledge about the dictatorship in North Korea, meanwhile, I am totally against the imperialistic American foreign policy toward North Korea.

Second, Regarding to the Syrian crisis, Many readers sent me critics due to insulting the what-so-called 'Syrian Uprising'; Just for knowledge, I am an independent medical doctor with no relation to any Arab party, meanwhile, I  strongly express my opinion and personal position toward the variable Arab questions.
As Secularist, One can say I am closer to the Syrian regime (By ideology) than the pro-NATO Fascistoislamists in Syria. I admit, both of them have committed war crimes, but I am so sharp in positions and I care very much about principles rather than the utilitarian and pragmatic positions.