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Ma'an News poll about The Israeli Airstrike on Syria

Published on 05 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
Palestine-based Ma'an News is making a poll about the Israeli Airstrike on Syria.
I think it reflects the Palestinian people's Public opinion.
The Israeli Strike on Syria:
  • Another Slap to the Arabs with No response. Like the Strike on Sudan (77.9%)
  • Beginning of Western Plan for military intervention in Syria (18.4%)
  • I don't know (3.7%).
1. The Poll will be closed on Feb. 07, 2013.
2. Ma'an News Agency is the most popular News website For the Palestinians (Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, West Bank and '48-Palestine) . Source: Alexa and Forbes.

NB: I am not Convinced in the editorial line of the Agency.