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Is the French-Qatari Alliance Cracked?

Published on 04 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
The relationship between the Qatari dynasty and the French government was excellent till short time ago.
The Qatari dynasty invested in many huge projects in France.
Qatar bought the famous French football club Paris Saint-Germain as well as the Luxurious Paris Hotels.
The Qatari dynasty also equipped its internal forces by French security equipments.
When the Qatari dynasty decided to apply the French language on its formal schools, It seemed strange since Qatar is not Francophonic country.

During the NATO intervention in Libya, The Qatari-French alliance reached its peak.
The UAE and the Qatari pseudo-Air Forces bombarded Libya side-by-side with the NATO forces to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi's regime.

The Alliance continues in Syria. France considers both Lebanon and Syria (in the Eastern Arab World) as well as the Arab Maghrib (Al-Maghrib Al-Arabi) on its priority due to the historic French Colonialism and they are Francophonic countries (The French language is the second language in these Arab countries).

Qatar, France and the Neo-Ottoman Turkish government supported Syria's Fascistoislamists opposition with all possible ways by which the Turkish government maintained the Shelter and launching bases to attack the Syrian Army, whereas the Qatari dynasty maintained the financial support and France maintained the Weapons and intelligence via Turkey and Northern Lebanon.

In Mali, The French-Qatari Alliance has been cracked down.
"A French military intelligence source has divulged that Al Qaeda-linked rebels in Mali have received financing from Qatar.  This disturbing but predictable news comes as France attempts to pacify the Malian countryside while receiving logistical and political backing from the U.S."
and.. "The presence of Qatari NGOs in north Mali is no secret. Last summer, in the wake of the separatist takeover, the Qatari Red Crescent was the only humanitarian organisation granted access to the vast territory."