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Shukri Bel'eed

Published on 06 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
By Local Editor
Shukri Bel'eed was assassinated near his home in El Menzah in Tunis. He is the General coordinator of the National Democratic Party consolidated a prominent opposition figures in Tunisia, Wednesday morning, the sixth of February.

He is leftist and  Adopting the principles of Marxism - Leninism, and knew as strong opponent of the ruling Annahda Islamic Party and  he had severe critics on the Ruling Party.

Shukri was born in November 26, 1964 in the Mountainous area, south of the Tunisian capital, and he studied law in Iraq, and then he worked as a lawyer in Tunisia from 2004 where he was defending the accused in cases of opinion during the rule of former President Ben Ali.

After secret activity as long as thirty years, he received the National Democratic Party Unified "Alwatted" accreditation after the revolution, Bel'eed has served as coordinator of the year.

Shukri Bel'eed joined the coalition of the "Popular Front" which was founded in October 2012 in order to achieve the goals of the revolution, which includes 13 parties and a large number of independents also had a recipe member of the board of trustees.