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The deformed Islam

Published on 06 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
Local Editor
"A Saudi cleric has said baby girls should be veiled to avoid sexual harassment, in remarks broadcast on television that sparked outrage in the conservative kingdom."

“Girls should wear the veil from the age of two,” said Abdullah Daoud on Islamic television al-Majd, adding that Saudis should follow the example of South Asian countries.

Islam stipulates that The female should wear the veil at the start of menstruation (female maturation according to Islam).
The Wahhabis twist the Islamic values and instructions; No clear text or elicitation force the female child to be veiled, as well as, to prevent females from driving the Car, as the Wahhabi doctrine mentions.

The Wahhabi doctrine is Political-Religious Alliance between al-Saud dynasty and the followers of Mohammad bin Abdul-Wahhab whom the Wahhabis named after him.

They twist Islam according to the interests of The Arabian Gulf dynasties.