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The US Ambassador in Lebanon

Published on 06 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
From the Angry Arab Weblog,

Outrageous. Arrogance of US power. The convoy of the US ambassador in Lebanon destroys the ruins of Tyre while trying to take a short cut

This is the disgusting scene from the front page of As-Safir (Reuters).  The convoy of the US ambassador in Lebanon casually and arrogantly destroys ancient ruins in Tyre while trying to take a short cut to save the precious time of the ambassador.  The ambassador wanted to see the ruins but unlike the natives she did not want to get out of her car.  She did not want her shoes to get dirty, so she ordered the convoy to drive around the ruins, as you can see here.  This is not even a car road.  People walk the path while looking at the ruins.  What would happen to the Lebanese ambassador in the US if his convoy (and he does not have one) were to destroy ruins from the 19th century, or even an old building?  He/she would have been sent to one of the 50 countries that torture on behalf of the US government around the world.

PS Shame on that mayor of Tyre who accompanied her on this trip.  He should resign.  My grandfather, Muhammad As`ad AbuKhalil, was mayor of Tyre in the late 1920s and I would have asked him to resign if he were to do something similar.