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The Western powers versus Russia

Published on 28 February 2013, by M. Tomazy.
The Russian government supplies the Syrian regime with weapons and the Russian foreign minister said that the weapons supply to the Syrian Army is running due to bilateral military agreements prior to the Syrian Crisis.Nevertheless, the Russian government did not claim throughout the post-USSR era that they support 'Human rights' and 'Freedom values' (surely not on George W. Bush Style).
The Western powers support the Syrian rebels (Who slaughter pro-Assad Citizens on behalf of Allah ) with NON-LETHAL WEAPONS like medical supplements, night binoculars (forget about the US-made Stinger missiles).
So, The Western powers admit that there are al-Qaeda elements in Syria (review William Hague conference), and their  NGOs like HRW and Amnesty international accused the Syrian rebels of commiting War Crimes, meanwhile, They Support the rebels with non-lethal weapons.
Thus, there is no problem to supply the murder with non-lethal weapon because that weapon will not cause direct injury to the people but it will reinforce the pro-western murders as long as they are pro-western, otherwise they will face Bin Laden's fate.