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Al Jazeera ‘losing’ Arab viewers

Published on 28 March 2013, by M. Tomazy.
"While Al Jazeera Media Network has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan in the US with its acquisition of Al Gore’s Current TV, its popular flagship Arabic channel is losing ground nearer home. 

Al Jazeera Arabic is fast losing viewers in the Arab world, especially in countries where the channel provided extensive coverage of the revolutions, says London-based ‘The Economist’.  

Numerous pan-Arab rivals have sprouted in the Arab Spring countries as well as Iraq with a copycat mix of flashy graphics, daring reportage and sizzling debate. 

And to top it all, global media firms such as Bloomberg, News Corporation and CNN have pushed into the Arab market, said ‘The Economist’ in a report. 

The journal highlights that Al Jazeera that provided “breathless” coverage of the Arab Spring to bring a regime change in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya is facing stiff competition from the local players."